Are there any fake users in AdultFriendFidner ZA?

Are there any fake users in AdultFriendFidner ZA?

3. AdultFriendFinder South Africa Practical Test

The AdultFriendFinder South Africa experience test thoroughly explores all elements of AdultFriendFinder. To come up with an all-round view of the quality of the product we created a profile on the site and browsed through it as a standard user (man seeks woman). After this we browsed all the features and kicked off some first interactions.

On top of this, we had a look at AdultFriendFinder South Africa’s online reputation, scouring through customer reviews and forums to understand how people have experienced the product.

First reactions to AdultFriendFinder South Africa

AdultFriendFinder has an interactive and enjoyable member area that is full of things to do and temptations. It’s got to be one of the most ‘all bells and whistles’ member home pages you can find on the web, not least because of the large amount of pornographic material visible right from the get go.

AdultFriendFinder blurs the boarders between dating service and porn site in quite a clever way. The service is really a global one and encourages its customers to submit images and movies of themselves from all around the world. It makes the service very exciting and gets you in the mood for instant chats with some of the girls online.

AdultFriendFinder is the all in one site for everything you desire sexually online. It is a dating service, a porn site, an advice service and a forum for erotic topics

Member no. Test

To ensure a view of the amount of members online, we conducted a interaction score. Dating websites come in many varied layouts, but always the most noteworthy issue for the customer is how many connections he or she makes. How many individuals get in touch and how many people reply to messages. Our activity ranking creates a value against this crucial metric for every company we look at. AdultFriendFinder South Africa did fairly well in this test. There were plenty of members online and it looked like a ample distribution of users over the region.

Profile quality of AdultFriendFinder South Africa

Generally the profiles we looked at were of a high quality. They were active and often full of images and even some videos. This ensured a good level of interaction and feedback. Our only concern was that sometimes it seemed as if some of the other users were professionals rather than people just looking for hook ups.

Fake profiles are usually a difficulty for nearly all dating services and the test is not whether they have an issue, but how severe it is. However, our impression of AdultFriendFinder South Africa was quite positive. AdultFriendFinder features a good system of profile validation and most of the profiles looked genuine to us.

4. Customer Friendliness at AdultFriendFinder South Africa

Customer service quality is a very significant issue with online dating sites. The degree to which sites address and solve the anxieties and problems their customers have fluctuates hugely between services. How complex is it to speak to customer support? How speedily do they deal with customer questions. Does the firm operate automatic rebilling of subscriptions and how easy is it to cancel this?

Reaching the Customer Care service at AdultFriendFinder AU

There is a considerable FAQ area on the AdultFriendFinder site and it is not bad at answering most of the questions you’re likely to come up with. By clicking through these pages you will also arrive at a customer service center pro-forma where you can e-mail your questions to the team. There is no telephone line for customer support, but this is not unusual – especially for such a global site.

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